A Day in the Life 4.3.17

I always have a hard time deciding what to write about. In an effort to write about what people like you want to read, I have been asking people, “What do you want to read this week?” Even people that I know have not read my blog, I have been asking them too. I want to know how I can bring people in. If you don’t read the blog every week, what will make you want to; and if you do read it, what do you enjoy reading most? Because I have been asking people, the repeated request has been for what my day to day life looks like as That Hard Hat Girl. So here goes a day in the life of hard hatting!


I start every morning with at least 5 alarms that I snooze through one after another. I also occasionally do my best sleeping-through-class trick, of turning off my alarms, then lying back down for “one more minute.” Not good.  This morning, however, I did well and woke up right away to Blake Shelton. Pro tip for not morning people like me: set music you like as your alarm. Really helps.


Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I wake up right before class, get ready and go. Hard hat and all, of course. Many people ask if I wear it during class. I do not, as I do not what to be a distraction to the professor or the other students. I do wear it to and from class, however, and everywhere else except church. My favorite thing is when a new person asks me about my hat. I get so excited when I can share my passion and explain what I’m doing. Part of being THHG is being on my game and ready for action, so I love to start my morning with a large decaf latte, and either a breakfast burrito or a protein bar. If you love specialty coffee like I do, but don’t love the price, and don’t have room for an espresso machine like me, I have a GAME CHANGER FOR YOU. Get plain espresso shots from your favorite coffee place, keep them in the fridge, then use as you wish. I get 8 every two days, enough for 2 lattes a day. I like mine decaf (good for keeping low blood pressure), with unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Way cheaper and made to order every morning. Plus it leaves me with more money for hard hats!


After my morning classes, I have lunch, do homework, work on my website or other projects, etc. All in my hat, as I feel much more ready for anything when I wear it. Today I threw the football with my friend for an hour and it was glorious. Sunshine and exercise is always a Hard Hat Girl win. I also had an extra special event: induction into Beta Gamma Sigma, which is the business honors society. It was a business casual event so I rocked the red, white, and blue hat and my suit jacket. There were 23 University of Portland faculty at the event, which I thought was so awesome. One of my professors always introduces me by saying, “This is That Hard Hat Girl. She’s going to shatter all the glass ceilings!” Her enthusiasm is amazing, and she is right- I (supported by you) am going to SHATTER the glass ceiling. The induction was great, and it was cool to be able to wear my hat in a new environment and have it be well received. I love wearing my hat in general, but I really enjoy when I can wear it to an event like this because it is so against the norm, and I dare to be different. Plus I met several new people at the induction, thanks to the hat.


At night is when I get most of my work done. Schoolwork that is, as hard hatting is my hobby, and I do whenever possible. I fill in the rest of the day with going to the gym, hanging out with friends, or dreaming of my next hard hat.


If you have a request of what you want to read, things you want to see happen, or have a trick to waking up, leave a comment! I’d love to hear from you!


Hard hat on!!


Great picture from the induction below! From left to right, Dr. Reed (the Associate Dean of the business school), and Dr. Anderson (the Dean of the business school)! Go Pilots!


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