Our Approach

The Hard Hat Way:
The Hard Hat Way can be wrapped up in 3 main sayings:

"When the going gets tough, the tough get going! (but you don't have to go alone)"


and "I'm all over it!"

These 3 mantras describe my strategy in life. I think of them as my "hard hat approach," because sometimes you have to go head first, win the day, and be all over it!

Our Story

How did I become That Hard Hat Girl?

For spring break one year, I toured a power plant that my sister (and editor) used to work at. To tour, we had to wear hard hats on site. Wearing the hat I felt awesome and empowered to do anything. Later that year, she gave me my own hard hat to wear with pride. Not long after, That Hard Hat Girl went all in!


At this point I have 31 hats and counting, so it would be unreasonable to keep adding them- here are my most popular 6 hats!

The ALF hat is a hat for my cousin Annie who passed away from ananphylactic shock. It was a tragedy for our family. Annie was a fun-loving, spunky girl who touched the lives of many. Pink was her color. Annie has a foundation for her, The Annie LeGere Foundation, which works to spread allergy awareness.

Annie's Hat

The Annie LeGere hat is for my cousin, Annie. In August 2015, we had a family tragedy in which we lost Annie to an anaphylactic reaction to an unknown allergen. Annie's foundation is working to get Epi-pens in the hands of first responders.  For more information please visit!


America the Beautiful

This was my first hat! I am proud to be an American, so this is one of my all time favorite hats. It is popular among people, usually generating the most comments or conversations.

team great race

Ruby Red... Hard hat?

My first hand made hard hat! This was for a special event- the Eastern Idaho Technical College Great Race for Education.  This (2016) year's the theme was "The Wizard of Oz," which is what inspired the "Ruby Red Slippers" themed hat. It took a lot of glitter to be skipping down the yellow brick road!

Uncle Paul Style

Hat number 8! This one was a gift from my Uncle Paul (see the photo)! I had told him to bring a hard hat to our next family event as a joke. To my surprise he did, and at the end of the day he gave it to me in support of THHG. He's always been a big supporter, and I'm glad to call him my Uncle Paul.


It's Prime Time!

The one and only Staci and Tanner Hernandez gave me this hat! I have known Staci and Tanner for quite some time. They are both Rotarians and own and operate Prime Time Auctions. They are model citizens and business people, and I am proud to wear their hat! The first time I wore it I met 3 awesome people in the course of 2 hours that know Staci and Tanner. If that doesn't validate the six degrees of separation, I don't know what does?


Bateman-Hall Inc.

This hat is from an Idaho general contracting company, Bateman- Hall. Given to me by Mr. Aaron Johnson, a partner at BH; I was very excited. Usually people say technical builder jargon when they see me in this hat, which is its own conversation starter.  Thank you Aaron!


This photo is from the first time I wore a hard hat on a tour the power plant my sister works at. It was over spring break of senior year with my friend Mads. We had a "lit" time! This year my sister gifted me her old hard hat.  She wears a hard hat and fire retardant clothes every day, and she is a great hard hat girl role model!


This hat is my brother's retired hat from his job with GE. He works as a field service engineer on gas turbine engines. Little known fact- for jobs that require a hard hat, workers replace hard hats often as a safety measure. And for me, it means hat #12! Proud of you, Andrew! HARD HAT ON!