I was talking about the butterfly effect with someone earlier today. A minute or so into the conversation he said, “Yeah, it’s pretty cool how caterpillars turn into butterflies.” It was my dad, so I did the obvious 20-year-old response- laughed and rolled my eyes.


But in all seriousness, remember Mike from Atlanta from my blog last week? I got VERY excited when a few days ago he followed me on my THHG Instagram. I commented on his picture, he commented back. Then the real magic happened. His daughter followed me. Mike had told me a few things about her, such as ambitious college goals to go to the University of Georgia, and that he likes my hard hats because he is always encouraging her to be herself, and likes how I do what I love (wearing hard hats) in public without embarrassment. Then, it got better! She commented on my picture and said that her dad was “Mike from Atlanta!” We exchanged thoughts a few times, and long story short, she said that I was an inspiration to her. I have never blushed more in my life. To know that I had positively impacted someone’s life, especially a peer, made my day. It made my week. Heck, it made my whole THHG mission feel like I had done something awesome. I was thinking about this more over the past few days. She said that I inspired her. But, I hadn’t felt more inspired or excited about hard hats in a while before this exchange. Now, I am fired up about wanting to spread the THHG message (being yourself, standing up for what you think is right, shattering the glass ceiling, being uniquely you, etc.)


All in all, I see this as a beautiful example of the butterfly effect. I met Mike by chance. He talked to me. We had a nice chat. I gave him some stickers. He told his daughter about me and gave her a sticker. By the power of social media, we connected. And I feel very inspired by the fact that she was inspired! Bam! Amazing how one interaction with someone, such as Mike, fueled such a positive circle of reactions. I love it. Sometimes the small things make the biggest difference. I know that interaction might seem minor, but I am so grateful for that shuttle ride. As an organization in my home town says, “The importance of one, the power of many.” Thank you Mike and Lizy, two butterflies in my life!


HARD HAT ON! And go start your own butterfly effect chain! “Kindness is contagious!”


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