BIG NEWS- New hard hat! #15. I have been wanting a Cubs hard hat for a while, because I can only wear one hat at a time.  Consequently, my baseball hat hasn’t seen the light of day in a while, but now I have the best of both worlds! Thanks to my sister for the awesome gift. GO CUBS GO!


My new hat is making its debut in my new vlog, which is posted below. The vlog is about SHATTERING hard challenges in life. Whatever your glass ceiling is, JUST STAND UP! It is finals week for me, which means this is my last week on campus, and I have the final stretch of the year to finish. The home stretch is always interesting. It means late night studying and note sheets written with size 6 hand written font that never gets used because after writing it, the subjects are committed to memory. I guess that is why some professors let us have them. What a time of year.


My hard hat and I have been making connections like crazy, one of which just opened the coolest opportunity for me. I wore one of my hats to an event I was volunteering at, The Junior Achievement Stock Challenge. I met people from various companies, one of which was Philips, the medical device company. I reached out to one of the people I had met, and he invited me to go look in on a CAT scan or MRI machine installation. I was so jazzed. And, he said he has a hard hat for me! It is a dream come true! Unfortunately, it has to wait till the fall due to a lack of time as it is the end of my year in Portland. It is amazing what connections I make, magnified exponentially when I am wearing my hat. It is just another reason to love the #hardhatlife!


Go check out the vlog and leave a comment, I hope it inspires you to conquer the next big challenge in your life!  Please like or share on Facebook, and tell your friends why you love!


Life is hard… so as always, HARD HAT ON!


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