You know the part in Shrek when Donkey sings, “On the road again, just can’t wait to get on the road again?” Well I feel an awful lot like donkey! I love traveling because I meet the coolest people. The East Coast is so different from the west, and taking my hardhat all around is the best! I met many pretty cool people this trip, especially Mike from Atlanta. My parents and I were chatting with Mike on the way to the car rental place. He said something that really resonated with me, “God only made one of you, so if you’re not yourself you have wasted it.” Most of the time people seem most impressed that I would wear a hard hat around by choice without embarrassment and love it. I think that quote beautifully puts into words part of my philosophy which is-I love hard hats and the conversations they bring and more so what they resemble (standing up to gender roles and kicking ass) so I am going to wear it with pride! All in all it was a great trip with many hard hat adventures. I also met Ron, who is pretty much Instagram famous, and got some great tips on how to optimize Instagram posts. He also had a funny joke about business, “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, sell him hooks for life.” Too funny. Possibly the best part of the trip was lunch at an awesome restaurant, Lanna Thai Diner, which I featured in my vlog. (Little correction to the vlog: It was not a functioning train car, it was actually designed to be a small diner on wheels in the motif  of a railroad car).


Have a great week, beYOUtiful, and HARD HAT ON!


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