This week I started reading a new book, but the title is so flamboyant I cannot say it here- but just search “The Subtle Art of Not..” and you will likely find it. So far the author, Mark Manson, has been addressing how life goes and how sometimes we let our own failures or past bog us down so much we short ourselves out of future greatness. This book is making me think about life and many things deeply. One remark I want to share with you is that an airplane is off course 99% of the flight, but it still makes it. Why? Because instead of the pilot freaking out that the plane is off course, he corrects it the entire flight. With that, this week I challenge you and me both to do two things- 1. Do not sweat the small stuff. Keep perspective. 2. Pick a goal (or a destination), outline a course, take off, and do not panic if 2 weeks later you get off track, just keep moving in the direction you want and you’ll make it!


Speaking of flying, it is spring break, so I flew my usual PDX to Pocatello flights on Friday. What a blast the airport was, as always. I had many great conversations, but my favorite was with a real hard hat guy, Joel. Joel is an oil driller and he had a hard hat in hand which caught my attention. We ended up chatting for about an hour until his flight was boarding. Good conversation and a new friend, always a big win to me! I am looking forward to the rest of spring break that includes more traveling, because I just never know who I’ll meet!


Here is a question relating to my research on curiosity I would like you all to answer. You can email me, comment here, use Facebook, whatever you prefer. I want to know, on a scale of 1-10, how curious do you consider yourself? If you were a stranger in the airport, would you ask me about my hat? Why or why not?


Happy first week of spring!



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