Well hey there! It’s me, That Hard Hat Girl. When I sat down to write this week’s post, somehow this little poem came out first. But I felt like sharing it with you all, because if it came to my mind at blog writing time, it must be for a reason.


Heading up the mountain

Soon I’ll have the big view

Sit down and rest my feet

Probably feeling kinda beat

Just a few more days of heavy hiking

But it is the grind I am not liking.

I think back to the logs, the steams, the cliffs and ruts

I can really feel my cuts.

I know this is going to take guts

A few more days of heavy hiking

They said don’t go

They said it will snow

They said I wouldn’t make it

It seems like now I’m forced to fake it

Just a few more days of heavy hiking

Right, left, right, left

Always do your best

For then you know you can rest

Right, left, right, left

Just a few more days of heavy hiking.

I’m starting to have some liking.

I feel the air in my tire

I feel the blood pumping through my veins

I look behind and see a forest, a lake, a cliff, and a giant rut

Wow, that did take some guts.

I see the land below,

And I know.

I made it to the top of the mountain.

Even through the snow.

And that just goes to show,

They never really know.


Now that poetry time is over, lets talk hiking gear. HARD HATS? Am I right? okay just me, that’s cool.


THHG had another big week. A new hat (thanks André from Physical Plant for the UP hat!), so many new contacts, and some super enthusiastic people at the Sportsman Show in Portland. Let me say, I thought that was enough for one week, but wait, there’s more!  THHG went to a Timbers game (Shout out to my friend Kati for taking me). The Timbers mascot is Timber Joey- a guy with suspenders, a chainsaw, and a hard hat! My kind of mascot. At the game I got so many cheers, high fives, and “nice hat,” comments. The Portland Timbers even liked my Instagram post.  It was awesome. Partway through the first half, probably 10 minutes in, a guy walks by with his very cute kid. Turns to me and says, “Nice hat.” I said thanks, then he said, “Oh, UP! Are you still there?” I noticed his UP jacket and said, “Yeah we both are,” (referring to my friend). He said his name, then went down the steps after the eager kid to his seat. I googled him to see if he worked at UP, and it turns out he is the associate athletic director. What are the chances? BAM. A new connection. At a Timbers game. I would not have known this guy or met him if it wasn’t for the hard hat. I LOVE IT!  I love how small the world is.


Speaking of love, I just got the SWEETEST THHG stickers the other day. Rumor has it Valentine’s Day is near. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, comment on the blog, share the Facebook post, or comment on the Instagram post and include one thing you LOVE about THHG, and I will send you a THHG sticker*! I’d love to break 150 likes on Facebook this week!

*While supplies last